Board Minutes

Board Minutes 

The Board of Directors is excited about Montessori of Winter Garden Charter School and is working diligently to ensure an authentic Montessori education for all of your children. Please review the board meeting minutes to find out about all of the aspects of the project and our progress on each of these tasks!

It is important to the board that we have open communication with all of our community members! If you have any questions about WOMCS we encourage you to contact us at or you can reach our board chair directly by calling 407-654-2045.

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BOD Agenda 03.14.17

BOD minutes 02.21.17

BOD Agenda 02.21.17

BOD minutes 01.10.17

BOD Agenda 01.10.17

BOD minutes 12.22.16

BOD Agenda 12.22.16

BOD minutes 11.17.16

BOD Agenda 11.17.16

BOD minutes 10.18.16

BOD Agenda 10.18.16

BOD minutes 09.27.16

BOD Agenda 09.27.16

BOD minutes 08.28.16

BOD minutes 08.16.16

BOD Agenda 09.12.16

BOD minutes_071816

BOD minutes_062316

BOD minutes_061316

BOD minutes_052416

BOD minutes_050416

BOD minutes_042516

BOD minutes_041216

BOD minutes_040316

BOD minutes_031716

BOD minutes_031416

BOD minutes_021616

BOD minutes_020116

BOD minutes_012616

BOD minutes_121015

BOD minutes_111815

BOD minutes_110215

BOD minutes_101315

BOD minutes_090815

BOD minutes_080415

BOD minutes_072015

BOD minutes_070715

BOD minutes_061515

BOD minutes_060215

BOD minutes_040715

BOD minutes_031815

BOD minutes_030915

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July 22, 2014 Special Topic Meeting: Building

July 15, 2014 Board Meeting

June 17, 2014 Minutes

Approved Operating Budget 2014-2015 FTE 199

May 27, 2014 Minutes

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School Board Meeting Minutes December 2013

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