Our Future

Our school has become a fixture within the downtown Winter Garden community as our 15-year charter renewal shows! We are here to stay!

We have signed a contract with Building Hope, a non-profit organization that builds charter schools, to negotiate with landowners on our behalf. They will secure land for us, build our new facility, and lease it back to us until we are ready to purchase. The project costs approximately $8 million. We will need to raise a 15-20% down payment and sign with a mortgage lender to purchase it from Building Hope. The goal will be to do that within five years of moving into the new facility.

We are currently exploring exciting land options for our future facility.  As plans come together, we’ll be posting the latest and greatest updates right here.

This is an exciting time for our school, and we encourage everyone to take part in the growth by volunteering. We appreciate the time and effort everyone has put forth to create our community, and we look forward to expanding it with you.