Summer Camps

Thank you for your interest in our summer camps. Please read the specifics about each camp below. Unless stated otherwise, all camps are from 8:30AM – 3:00PM for two weeks. Once you have decided which camp you are interested in, use the following Camp - Program Agreement, fill out your registration and include a $75 registration fee for each camp. You may drop off your registration form and fee or mail it to the school with your check. Once we have your registration the other two forms, the agreement and liability waiver must be sent in before the start of camp.


June 13 – June 24 (two weeks)

- Owlets (ages 4-6) - Global Explorers Camp! – Ms. Chelsea
* Price - $350 – 2 weeks

* Description – Travel the world right from our Preschool – Kindergarten camp! These weeks will allow our campers to explore the arts, foods, customs and landmarks from every corner of the globe through hands on activities, songs, and arts & crafts!

- Owls (ages 7-12) – STEAM Camp! Ms. Michelle C. and Ms. Marily
* Price - $350 – 2 weeks

* Description - This camp will be an exciting exploration of the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This project based camp will begin with a problem to be solved. Students will be given instruction on how to use the Engineering Design Process of Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve. Time will be spent implementing the process and creating designs that address the initial problem. You will love this hands-on STEAM Camp!


June 27 - July 8 (two weeks - No camp on Monday, July 4th)

- Owls (ages 7-12) – Science Camp! Ms. Vanessa and Ms. Maritza
* Price $315 (July 4th No Camp)

* Description – Do you love science? These two weeks will highlight the exciting areas of science and biology! This camp will challenge all science lovers with fun experiments, detailed life study and lots more!


July 11 – July 22 (two weeks)

- Owlets (ages 4-6) – Zoo Keeper Fun! Ms. Saoni
* Price - $350 – 2 weeks

* Description – This is all about wildlife including critters, creatures, crawlers, and more! Our young zookeepers will learn all about the great Animal Kingdom, including animals that we can keep as pets, animals kept in zoos, and more…there will be surprises!

- Owls (ages 7-12) – Odyssey of the Mind Camp! Ms. Vanessa and Ms. Maritza
* Price - $350 – 2 weeks

* Description – Two week long camp that will challenge our creative problems solvers by introducing new members to Odyssey of the Mind, challenge returning members with intensive spontaneous workshops. This camp will include an impromptu Long-Term problem, with props, skit, and more!

- Owls (ages 7-12) – Electronic Media Camp! Ms. Marily
* Price - $350 – 2 weeks

* Description – Two week long camp where the kids will learn all the insides about electronic journalism. Our owls will also have the opportunity to create their own newspaper, conduct interviews and develop their own news broadcast.


July 25 – August 5 (two weeks)

- Owlets (ages 4-6) – Small Hands Big Art Camp! Ms. Chelsea
* Price - $350 – 2 weeks

* Description – Join us for two weeks of creative fun! This camp is filled with hands on art explorations that focus on a variety of styles of art which ultimately create beautiful and unique keepsakes. The children will also learn about local and well-known artists through stories, songs, and photographs.

- Owls (ages 7-12) – Digital Photography Camp! Ms. Marily
* Price - $350 – 2 weeks)

* Description – Does your child love taking pictures and creating stories using images? The Digital Photography Camp will introduce our owls to the world of photography. Technology changes every day and so the way people capture special and unique moments!