IMG_0718Volunteering at school is one way to get involved in your child's education. Volunteers contribute in many ways, including accompanying classes on field trips, helping to make materials, or organizing and participating at events. Parent volunteers get a close-up view of their child's school. Seeing how children are taught also can give you ideas on how to help your child at home.

Montessori of Winter Garden Charter School requires 20 volunteer hours per family each year. Only adult family members will be credited with service hours. Grandparents who live in the same household can also be credited with the Director’s or designee’s written approval. All volunteer hours must be fulfilled prior to May 15.

Attending night functions, such as parent education, does not count for volunteer hours. Volunteering is defined as willingly performing a service without receiving pay. Because a large portion of volunteer opportunity information is distributed through PTO, for attending PTO meetings, a family can receive a maximum of a half hour volunteer time per meeting. All persons must sign the roster to confirm hours.

All volunteers/visitors must sign in at the front office to receive a volunteer/visitor badge before going to the classroom. This badge must be worn throughout the school day. Please remember to dress in clean neat appropriate clothing when volunteering; you are representing your child and Montessori of Winter Garden Charter School.

All volunteers must first register though ADDitions. Once you are registered you will check in and out at the school office to log your hours. You can also log in hours from home.


To find volunteer opportunities please visit our PTO's website at:


Or via our SignUp Genius at



For any additional questions regarding volunteering or ADDitions, or if you need to log previous hours, please email office@mwgcs.com